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One of the greatest concepts behind the iPod is that now it is more than just a music device; it can seamlessly connect to the internet, download, preview games movies and do a plethora of other activities minus doing your work. Here are some interesting and amusing apps for your iPod Touch.

iPod Touch

iPod Touch Apps from Apple

iPod Touch Apps

One of my favorite concepts to the iPod Touch, and I’m sure many can agree, is the accessibility to games. From strategy games to educational, Apple offers several games to keep your kids occupied or just for entertainment. One of my favorite games for the iPod Touch is Army of Darkness. Inspired from the famous movie, you play as time traveler Ash back to the Middle Ages.

iPod owners can also stay up to date with entertainment at their fingertips. Curious about movies playing at the local theater? Want to see the trailer? Pull it up on the iPod Touch and get a listing of theaters with times and ticket prices; see the trailers and reviews before you see the movie. Get Netflix, IMDB, Colbert’s The Word, Xfininty and more through the iPod Touch Entertainment.

What other apps or downloads are the best? Which ones would you recommend to a friend? Share with us on the Heights at Battle Creek Facebook page.

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